Who We are

Mobbisurance is a startup company that is focused on offering emerging farmers with affordable crop insurance. We will utilize satellite data and satellite technology to insure against weather related risks that cause crop failure. In addition we will also leverage on existing mobile technologies by making our service fully accessible from mobile devices. Everything from applying for cover to having a payout issued will be done through our clients’ mobile phones. We are working in partnership with Standard Bank in this endeavour.

Mission Statement

Mobbisurance is dedicated to providing affordable crop insurance to the emerging farmer. We believe that crop insurance shouldn’t be restricted to commercial farmers only but should be made accessible to everyone who has need of it. Insurance is indeed for everyone.

What makes us Unique?

No Site Visits

One of the reasons why traditional crop insurance is expensive is that it requires extensive human monitoring. This involves a lot of site visits to and from the farms by the insurer’s agents. Our insurance service will be insuring farmers against weather events such as drought that cause crop loss, thus reducing the need for any site visits. Through the use of satellite technology we will cut out a lot of these admin costs associated with site visits and only in the event of an extreme weather event will any payout be made.

Mobile Technology

Our business will be entirely mobile based. Everything from signing up for our service, to communicating with our clients, payment of premiums, and the disbursement of payouts will be done via a cellphone.

Automatic Payouts

We aim to eliminate the claims process by issuing automatic payouts to our clients when an extreme weather event occurs.

Complementary Services

We believe that insurance alone as a service will not give maximum value to our farmers and hence we intend to also offer additional complementary services to our clients. These include; real-time produce prices via sms, agricultural extension services and microcredit.

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